Buyer Reviews

My wife and I used Sam as our realtor when we purchased our home in Santa Cruz. We spent a few months looking for property but could not find the right ‘one’. Luckily he was able to find an off-market home in our ideal neighborhood that we were able to buy without competing with any other offers. I can confidently say we would not have gotten our dream home without him!!
— Scott K.

We have been fortunate to work with Sam on three different real estate transactions. He is thorough, responsive, honest and kind. We appreciated his comprehensive marketing strategy and willingness to move at our pace with all the transactions. He ends every phone call with an invitation to call again. We have trusted him with our greatest financial decisions and are grateful for his friendship and encouragement.
— Brett & Elan E.

I was referred to Sam to be my Realtor to help me buy a house in Santa Cruz when I decided to move back into town. We looked at numerous homes around Santa Cruz and Aptos and ended up finding the house we wanted on the Lower Westside. We negotiated a price $50k below the listing price and closed escrow on time. There were some issues after the transaction closed and Sam helped get the problems solved.
— Geoff R.

Sam helped a client of mine purchase a home on the Westside of Santa Cruz. The transaction closed on time and the client was very satisfied. It was a pleasure working with him and I would consider referring him in the future to someone that was looking to buy or sell and home with a Realtor in Santa Cruz.
— Dwayne D.

Sam has been such a pleasure to work with. My husband and I were casually looking for a home to buy for our family in Santa Cruz but were losing hope as we had been outbid in all our previous attempts. On a random Sunday, we walked into an open house that Sam was showing. The house needed work but for the right price, we could turn it into our dream home. Within an hour, Sam was writing up our offer on the kitchen table of the open house and within 24 hours we found out our offer was accepted! We’ve been in our wonderful Westside home for 2 years now and Sam still reaches out to say hi and check-in. I’ve been happy to call him not only our agent but our friend. I’ve already referred him on to several of our own friends and he’s helped them make the dream of home ownership in Santa Cruz a reality. Can’t say enough good things!
— Bradley and Jackie O.

My husband and I bought a condo on the Westside with Sam a few years ago, and although we were initially outbid by a higher offer, he made sure we got in backup position. We ended up getting the condo after the initial buyers dropped out! A few years after that, we wanted to move up into a single-family home in the neighborhood and Sam negotiated a multiple offer situation for us. We got the house we wanted in a seamless transaction! He is clearly the local expert on the Westside and I am quick to refer him to my friends and family who need a Realtor in Santa Cruz!
— Lindsey S.

I am incredibly pleased to have worked with Sam on my first home purchase. Any obstacle was quickly communicated and cleared, and within three weeks from the start of our search, I was closing on my first home.
— Suzanne G.


Purchasing a home on the Lower Westside of Santa Cruz seemed like an impossible project. As quickly as properties were listed, they were sold, usually at well above the asking price. We first met Sam at an open house, and while that listing didn’t work out for us, he offered to spend a rainy winter day driving us to look at every house on the market so he could get a better idea of just what we were looking for. A short time later, he called to say he had located an off-market house he thought we should see. Sam represented us through the complex process of inspections, negotiations, offers, counter-offers and a seemingly endless number of documents. Throughout the entire transaction, he was a calm presence, patient, professional and always available to answer questions. Thanks to Sam we purchased a great house at below the asking price! Since then he has kept in touch and as a Santa Cruz resident he has been a great source of information and referrals. Sam was thorough and dependable and I recommend him highly.
— Joanne S.

My husband and I worked with Sam as the agent for our third home purchase. This purchase is an investment property. Our offer was second in line and my husband and I were initially so disappointed when we did not get the home. Sam continued to communicate with the listing agent, building and maintaining rapport. When the first offer fell through, our offer was considered and accepted. Successfully we closed on the home purchase and it’s proven to be a solid investment. This isn’t the first time we worked with Sam. He presented an offer on another home for us. And through the process he asks probing questions, keeping our best interest in mind. His positivity shines through and his skills in listening ensured the home purchase at the right time for our family. Sam’s high integrity is so apparent. He put in the time and effort to meet our objectives. My husband and I are grateful to consider him our realtor.
— Hannah H.

Sam Bird Robinson was a huge help with my move up north. I called Sam before I even sold my house in San Diego and let him know my situation. I trusted him about giving out my financials, incomes, etc.. He immediately started working for me. I would see homes online while in San Diego and send to him. He would give me his honest feedback, which was super helpful and appreciated. Once I moved up to Santa Cruz County, I was very eager and Sam was there to help. He gave me honest feedback and time expectations which I really appreciate. He was on time and extremely responsive. We ended up seeing a few homes, some I was initially interested in and Sam would tell me why he honestly thought it wouldn’t be the best house for me or what type of expenses would eventually come up. After sleeping on Sam’s feedback, the next morning I was in total agreement. We eventually found a perfect fit and Sam helped big time on closing the sale, especially in such a competitive market. I was pumped! I recommended Sam to a colleague and Sam ended up finding a home for her as well. My parents will most likely retire in Santa Cruz County so I’ve already let Sam know to be on the hunt. Sam has continued to help after I’ve lived in my house for over year. With recommendations, plumbers, gardeners, what have you. I’d recommend Sam to anyone. Thanks Bird!!
— Austin R.

Sam is an amazing agent who can help you successfully navigate this crazy Santa Cruz market! He is highly strategic and makes sure that you’re prepared to make the winning offer for the home you want. After receiving intensive guidance from Sam, we made our first offer and landed the home we wanted at a reasonable price (which seemed like a miracle in Santa Cruz). As we moved through the process, Sam was a great advocate and clearly communicated our options as we negotiated contingencies, etc. with the seller. Sam goes above and beyond what you would expect from an agent and we couldn’t be happier. I would also like to add that we’d been looking at houses on and off for over 2 years and had little luck finding a house we could afford. Sam stuck with us, unlike other agents who lost interest in working with us because we couldn’t afford a $1M+ home. Not only is Sam a positive and upbeat person who is focused on ensuring you find the home that makes you happy, he also exhibits integrity in all he does and is truly a community builder. Thank you, Sam!
— Stephanie M.

I had the pleasure of working with Sam on the sale of my condo and purchase of my new home. Sam listens. Then, he makes recommendations based on the situation. He gave me a list of suggestions for staging my condo, helped me decide on when to put it on the market, and then had multiple buyers lined-up BEFORE we listed. We had multiple offers after the broker tour, one I accepted without having to do an open house! He has his finger on the pulse of the market in Santa Cruz and uses his network to your benefit. When it was time for me to buy a new home, he looked at many with me and was a great sounding board in that process. He would point out things I might like or dislike about a property without pushing an agenda. When I was ready to make an offer, he jumped into action. I wrote multiple offers with him in this competitive market and was so impressed with how his insights about the property, seller and situation put me in the best position possible. Sam’s experience and knowledge of the market is spot-on and I highly recommend him. I trust him completely and will go to him with all of the real estate-related questions or transactions I have in the future!
— Susan V.

We had an excellent experience working with Sam when we bought our home! My wife and I had a number of criteria we were looking for as buyers, but weren’t having much luck. When we hired Sam, we were quickly impressed by how prepared and thorough he was. Sam spent a lot of time learning about what we wanted and walking us through every step of the process. Sam knows the real estate market in Santa Cruz very well, and not only did he find us the perfect home, but he negotiated an excellent price for us. Sam was professional and very thorough throughout the entire transaction and we closed without a hitch.
— Tom B.


It’s been a pleasure and an honor working with Sam Bird-Robinson! When purchasing our condo on the Westside, Sam demonstrated his real estate knowledge and expertise by walking us through all required steps with ease. He made the buying experience feel seamless. Sam’s close attention to contract detail was outstanding. He kept all parties well informed, on schedule and moving forward. Now after the purchase, we check in periodically and Sam always wants to know if he can be of assistance in any way. I’m grateful for his prompt and accurate responses to my rental property questions. He’s caring and personable with high character values that transfer into his excellent work ethic and professionalism. If you need a first class realtor/broker, choose Sam! He’s the Best!!
— Cher C.

We had an excellent time working with Sam when we bought our home. My husband and I had a number of criteria we were looking for as buyers but weren’t having much luck. When we hired Sam, we were quickly impressed by how prepared and thorough he was. Sam spent a lot of time learning about what we wanted and walking us through every step of the sale process. Sam knows the real estate market in Santa Cruz very well, and not only did he find us the perfect home off-market (!) but he negotiated an excellent price for us. Sam was professional and very thorough throughout the entire transaction and we closed without a hitch.
— Danielle B.

Sam was awesome! My wife and I contacted Sam when we were looking to buy our first house. Before meeting Sam, we really didn’t know anything about the process of buying a home, and were to say it mildly, found the whole idea daunting.

Right off the bat, he set up a time to meet with him in his office where he really took his time to get to know us, who we are, what our expectations were and what we wanted. He also broke down each step of the process and equipped us with the right knowledge of what to look for, how to write an offer, how to meet the seller’s agent, what budget we should expect, what order to get things done, etc. We left that meeting feeling like a) he was an absolute expert and b) that he had our best interest at heart. From that point on we felt we could fully trust him.

He then showed us properties based off what we communicated. He took his time explaining the good and the not so good of each property. He was never pushy, we never felt uncomfortable. He found properties in our range we wouldn’t have even known to look at if it wasn’t for his recommendations. He was always available to answer any questions we had, and periodically checked in just to say “Hi” and give us status updates on properties.

Once we found a place we loved:
He helped us write an offer that was accepted under ask. He set up our escrow account and a to do list. He worked with us and our mortgage broker to make sure financing was moving along smoothly. He set up ALL the inspections. He renegotiated an even better deal after inspections (which we totally weren’t expecting). He helped us finalize the deal with escrow, mortgage broker and seller.

Long story short: We aren’t millionaires, so our budget was limited, but he went above and beyond and worked at getting us a house as-if we were.

— Andrew and Diane R.

Sam was such a stellar guy to work with. He took extra time and care to make sure that I was getting everything that I was looking for in my search for the perfect home. This process has the potential to be extremely overwhelming and exhausting but I always felt like Sam had my back and made sure that I was always comfortable and that I understood everything. He was also extremely responsive to emails and phone calls which is so important in this market. Sam was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone!
— Liz S.

We highly recommend Sam for buying or selling a home. He is very detailed and informed. He helped us from the beginning steps to price the place right and to offer the correct amount for the specific house and case. He works very well with the other dealers through the process. And any issues that come up will also be managed in a very professional manner from him. He helped us through the complicated process of selling and buying at the same time (making offers with the contingency of selling the current place).
— Fernand and Chudy D.

I found Sam on Zillow when I was interested in learning about, and purchasing a Home. Sam helped guide me ( a new home buyer) through the entire process, helped me get pre-approved, and discussed what the needs myself and my family needed for our future. He is very responsive, and is very motivated which is very nice to see. He always is looking out for the buyers interest and what would best fit “our needs” and My fiance and I appreciate it. I would highly recommend Sam for anyone looking for a condo or home in Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County.
— Alex and Elana T.