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joe hutson, VP of mortgage lending

I am a born and raised Santa Cruz, CA resident, happily living with my wife Mary and our puppy Lakey on Santa Cruz's Westside. My goal in life is to be happy and healthy and to help make people around me happy and healthy. To achieve this goal, I focus on my physical and mental health, I emphasize my relationships with family and friends, and I stay true to the core values shared with my family, friends, and community.

I have been originating home loans in the mortgage industry since October 2011. My goal in business is to originate mortgage loans with a particular focus on exceeding customer service expectations, providing clear and concise communication, having comprehensive product and industry knowledge, and delivering a competitive rate and cost structure to meet the borrower’s financial needs.

I love my job as a loan originator because many clients become friends and family, and many friends and family become clients. I am an emphatic believer in the value of home ownership; for strengthening our neighborhoods and our communities, and for building financial stability and long term wealth for families and individuals. The American Dream is built around home ownership, and it is a genuinely rewarding experience to help the dream come true for my clients.

Dottie Jakobsen, mortgage loan originator

Whether you are on the hunt for your first home, been down the homebuying path before or you are refinancing, a crucial part of the home financing process is selecting the right lender and Mortgage Loan Originator for you. Stearns has been helping Americans achieve their dreams of home ownership since 1989, and I am proud to work for a company with a proven track record. My top priority is to provide you with the insights, loan options, tools and support to deliver a customized, straightforward and pleasant experience.

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sean herrero, branch manager

I am @adventurelender. I take the same things I've learned in rock climbing, free-diving, and obstacle course racing and apply them to my business and my clients. In climbing, I don't think about the top. Just do the next move perfectly, and communicating with my climbing partner. In free-diving I focus on the moment, conserving energy and being as efficient as possible on a single breath, nothing else. And in Obstacle Course racing I don't focus on the finish. I just have to get past the next obstacle quickly and efficiently. All of this applies to my philosophy of closing. I don't focus on the finish. I simply focus on the next step of the process, communicating with everyone involved, and that is why I close on time every time.

ryan buckholdt, branch manager & mortgage advisor

Ryan Buckholdt has helped many individuals and families purchase homes in the Santa Cruz area for more than 22 years. His clients range from first-time home buyers to those buying their dream homes. Ryan assesses each client’s financial goals, educates them on what is available, and proposes options and opportunities that will best take care of their needs.

Ryan understands the complexities of real estate financing and he works to ensure that his clients are grounded during the process and comfortable with their decisions A native of Santa Cruz, Ryan has gained a reputation for being a resource to the community. He has developed strong relationships with local Realtors, banks and title companies.

 Ryan is chairman of the Events and Community Relations Committee of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors and he was awarded 2010 Affiliate of the Year for his contributions to the growth of the organization.

Ryan lives with his family in Santa Cruz.

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lisa mazzei, loan officer

Lisa has 20+ years of real estate lending experience and a diverse background that includes processing and underwriting. She has consistently ranked in the top tier of loan production at Blue Adobe Mortgage where she has been a Loan Officer since 2007. Lisa is a third generation native of Santa Cruz County, and an active real estate investor.  She especially enjoys the relationships she has built while helping families achieve home ownership. 

In addition to “working” in real estate lending, Lisa also serves the local community and currently sits as a Trustee for the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors Housing Foundation.  The Housing Foundation helps first time low income home buyers bridge the gap to home ownership with closing costs assistance grants.  Lisa finds her work both important and rewarding.

Lisa enjoys spending time with family, camping, water sports and traveling.  She lives in Santa Cruz with her husband, Dean.

damon bowers,hard money & bridge loans

Private Capital Investments, Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate brokerage specializing in the origination and servicing of privately funded debt and equity financing products. I represent a network of investors who are constantly looking for high yielding, but very secure real estate related opportunities. Investors are secured in our transactions with a beneficial interest, in a reasonably leveraged Deed of Trust on a specific property. I also equally represent property owners in need of capital who are temporarily unable to obtain institutional financing. I serve as the intermediary between my investors, and the end buyer/borrower/developer, and facilitate the transaction from start to finish. Private debt and equity financing is mainly contingent upon the quality of the collateral (both physical and economic), potential income production, and viability of the proposed exit strategy. I focus on conservative property values, market analysis and trends, business plans and projections, experience and capacity of the borrower, and exit feasibility. Not simply on a credit score and a tax return like banks do. My goal is to use common sense, diligence, creativity, determination, and in depth market knowledge to successfully represent all of my investor and borrower clients.

Damon is very happily married to Lisa and is blessed with 3 beautiful children, Grace, Sam, and Colton. Damon relishes time with his family and enjoys coaching youth sports and traveling with his family. He loves golf and is a work in progress!

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