3 Do’s & Don’ts for Packing Early on Your Next Big Move

Moving Boxes - Getting Organized When You Pack

Before moving to any new home, there is a lot of work involved. From experience, it can be very stressful, especially if a lot of the work is left to be done a week before the move takes place. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a few weeks beforehand, if not a few months in advance.

There is a lot of information available to help you understand how to best pack for a move. This does not address the specifics of what to do during the moment of packing. Instead, I would like to focus on something that can help the actual pack and move process, a lot less stressful! Specifically, I mean how to prepare for the pack a few months in advance.

How to Prepare

Below are a few principles that you can begin implementing today to help you with your goal to move!

If You Don’t Use It, Pack It Now
Pack what you don’t plan on using for the next 2 months or so, sooner rather than later. These can contain items such as garage equipment, food storage, DVDs, books, decorations, seasonal items and so forth. Pack them up and have them placed out of the way. Spend half an hour or so every day to get the process out of the way. By so doing, you will help eliminate a lot of the packing that needs to be done early, and all that will be left is what you use on a day to day basis.

Keep the Home Clean Every Day
Keep the home clean and void of trash. When you begin packing you will probably run into a lot of trash and things will get messy fast! Dust, wipe, vacuum and throw away trash. The point of all of this is to make the actual pack as simple and seamless as possible.

Discard What You Don’t Plan on Taking with You
Go through shelves, boxes, and drawers and start throwing away or donating what you don’t plan on taking with you. That way when it comes time to actually pack, your time can be spent on getting the right items in the right box. Time can go into sorting trash from the keep pile, and then throwing away that trash. You can drastically reduce the amount of energy and time you spend actually packing in the final moments before the move by sorting through your items now.

As I stated previously, moving can be a very stressful time, and the above suggestions will help make that period in your life a lot easier. It takes commitment, determination, and discipline. As you develop these skills and put into practice an organized lifestyle, you can make the moving process a whole lot easier.

 Don’t Make These Mistakes

Of course, no list of organizational techniques could be complete without a few suggestions on what not to do. Here a couple on the top of my list:

Don't Make These Moving Mistakes

Do not leave everything up to the last minute
That can be an absolute nightmare! If you fail to prepare in the weeks before the move, all of a sudden you are working around the clock for many hours in a row because you're in a rush to get moved ASAP. It makes sense to slowly organize and pack over time, so why not do it?

Do not over pack your boxes
Packing your boxes with items that are too heavy can cause them to break, or perhaps even be too heavy to move around. It is a general rule that you should try to keep the weight of your boxes under 50 pounds. On the other hand, packing your boxes too loosely, with too much room, can cause several issues. For instance, the items within the boxes can get damaged easily as they jump around when the box is being moved. Also, it requires more trips or larger trucks to move everything, which can take more time and money.

Do not ask for help at the last minute
Some may be willing to help, but most will not. If you are hoping that friends and family will help, it’s best to ask long before the event takes place, so that they can place it in their calendar and prepare for the move. Also, ask them what they would be willing to help out with if it’s just a few things, great! Don’t ask people to do more than they really want or are willing to do, they will be glad that you show the consideration!

Moving Into Your New Home

My hope is that by following the above suggestions, it will help make your move an absolute breeze! Making life transitions is a huge commitment, and can no doubt be a massive hassle. By making your next move as stress-free as possible, you’ll have an easier time adjusting to the new home and location.

This post was written by Matthew Adams at Monkey Bars Central Coast/Bay Area. We help homeowners in the Bay Area organize their garage storage.