1% for Good - Boys and Girls Club


Offering financial support and helping local charitable organizations that help others is an important part of being a member of the community. Many of these organizations and nonprofits are entirely self-funded and rely on volunteers and donations from local community members, businesses, and other organizations to maintain the services they offer. Keeping community  programs running smoothly is vital to helping those that need it the most and it’s important to Sam to be a part of that message and the change it affects.

Sam is excited to announce that he, along with his colleagues in the Santa Cruz and Aptos offices, have partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County for this year’s donations. One percent of all his commissions in the last quarter of 2018 will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs, as will those of others participating in the program.

The program is called 1% for Good and has helped generate more than $1 million in local donations since its inception in 2012.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County is a local nonprofit that was founded in 1969 with the goal of providing guidance, leadership and skills training to the youth of the county. They offer a variety of programs for boys and girls from ages six to 18, including group, individual and drop-in programs. With several out-of-school programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs provides education, training, and support through many avenues:

  • Homework help

  • Arts and creative programs

  • Sports and fitness

  • Recreation and games

  • Computers and technology

The clubs host events throughout the year, as well as after school programs and summer day camps.

While the focus is on citizenship and learning, it’s also a fun environment that fosters creativity and personal growth.

The Boys and Girls Clubs has three facilities or “clubhouses” in the county located in downtown Santa Cruz, Live Oak and Scotts Valley.

Like many nonprofits, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County relies heavily on charitable donations and the work of volunteers. Sam is happy to contribute to the work they do in our community and the role they play in helping children and young adults throughout the county. He’d also like to encourage readers to consider donating to the organization, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

1% for Good Program

The 1% for Good program originated in the Santa Cruz office out of a desire to help contribute to worthwhile community causes through philanthropic donations. The program has since extended to other branches and offices in the Bay Area, resulting in a joint effort to support and contribute to local communities. Each office independently decides which local organization they will donate 1% of quarterly commissions to, allowing them to find a worthy local cause and donate where it’s most needed.