How To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Getting your house ready to sell can be a daunting task. You’ll want to make the best impression possible to prospective buyers. Here are some suggestions to help you prep your home in a competitive market.


Inspections. Providing inspections to prospective buyers before reviewing offers is critical to negotiating the highest possible price when selling. A third party opinion as to the condition of the property gives a seller more leverage and reduces the chance of negotiating any unforeseen circumstances during escrow. Common inspections include a Home inspection, Termite inspection and Sewer inspection. Read more about the Sewer Lateral Incentive Program Rebate in Santa Cruz. All disclosures will be organized and accessible with a system I use called

Clean. Wipe off all surfaces, including countertops, shelves, and blinds. Eliminate dust and make sure your windows are sparkling. Polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Hire a cleaning service if you are unable to do the work yourself.

Declutter. Help buyers focus on how great your home is, not the clutter. Remove personal items from every room, take down family photos from the walls and kid’s drawings from the fridge. Get rid of oversized furniture that make rooms look small. Rent a pod or storage unit, if necessary.


Simplify the decor. You want your home to appeal to many different tastes. Remove any decor with strong patterns or distracting elements. You want to create a comforting space where future buyers can envision living.

Repaint the walls. Choose a neutral paint color for your walls to appeal to a variety of different buyers. Neutral tones like tans, whites, and light grays are good replacements for brightly colored walls.

Be aware of odors. A strange smell can turn off future buyers. Avoid cooking in your home when you have an open house weekend. Purchase a scented candle, if necessary.

Add a natural element. A glass vase with some pretty flowers or a potted plant can elevate a room and allow you to focus on the best parts of your home. Make sure they are healthy and looking alive.


Organize storage spaces. An ideal home is one with ample storage space. Clear out your closets and purchase closet organizers, boxes or shelves that organize your items nicely. Store away items you don’t need at the moment. Click here to find some tips about packing up your house before you move.

Make some repairs. You want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of things that might discourage future buyers. Fix a leaky roof, replace old kitchen and bathroom fixtures, update old windows. Fill in any nail holes and remove marks on walls.

Don’t forget the exterior. The first thing a buyer will see is the exterior of your home. Clean up the yard, remove any weeds, leaf piles and dying shrubs. Mow the lawn. Powerwash the exterior, clean out the gutters and add a new coat of paint.

Improve the curb appeal. Paint the door a bright color, plant some flowers and add an inviting welcome mat. Update the house numbers and make sure it can be seen from the street.